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Bobby SurryGreetings Students and Parents!

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome each of you to Menchville High School, or as we like to call it,  "Monarch Country."  We would like to welcome you and extend our warmest wishes.   You are part of the family of Monarchs.   Menchville is a high school with a long-standing tradition of school spirit, Monarch Pride, and excellence in academics, activities, and athletics.   At Menchville, we take pride in everything that we do.  

High school is the time to get involved, get serious about academics, and actively participate in clubs and activities.   At the same time, it is also a time to begin mapping out your future.   You need to start thinking,  "What is best for me? "   Attending school regularly, completing all assignments, challenging yourself, getting involved in school, taking advantage of tutoring/after school assistance, and engaging in appropriate behaviors are steps in answering that question.   Some of the above ideas represent skills that are necessary in the workplace.   Employers are seeking out well-rounded employees.   At Menchville, our goal is to prepare each of you to be 21st century learners within a safe and smart school environment.   Our Career Pathways Program can help each of you to become College, Career, and Citizen ready.   It will prepare you for your future based on your personal strengths, abilities, and interests.   At Menchville, education is our business and we will focus on helping you to understand that your education is your job.   Newport News Public Schools and Menchville offer a wide variety of courses to suit individual needs and interests, which will ultimately assist you in determining and working towards your career goal.   During your time at Menchville, there will be plenty of support and guidance to encourage you along your way.   Don't hesitate to ask questions.

To get you started, we have included on this website an athletics and activities list. Included in the lists are all of the sports and clubs/organizations that are active at Menchville High School. Names of the coaches/sponsors are provided along with their contact information. If you are interested in any sport, please contact Mr. Greg Henderson, Athletic Director. If you are interested in any of the clubs/organizations, please contact the sponsor directly or Mr. Kyle Lumsden, Activities Directors, for more information. We have clubs and organizations for everyone! And if you are interested in forming a club that is not on the list, please see Mr. Lumsden for more information.

Each student will receive a Rights and Responsibilities Handbook which provides a great deal of valuable information that should be read over carefully by you and your parent(s)/guardian.   Some of the other communication you will receive includes school rules and regulations, bell schedules, clubs/organizations/sports teams, phone numbers, calendars, and school contracts.   You will be asked to return some of the documents which will need to be signed by your parent(s) or guardian(s).  

I wish each of you nothing but the best for this school year!

Catch that Monarch Pride!

Best wishes,

Bobby Surry
Principal, Menchville High School


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